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Digi-Pulp is a complete Digital Marketing Agency that helps you in Digital Marketing.

Our primary purpose is to assist various companies to achieve their business objectives by creating, implementing, evaluating effective and well-organized digital marketing campaigns across all available marketing tools on the virtual market.

Digi-Pulp is committed to provide and recommend the best suited marketing mix according to the requirements and budgets. Digi-Pulp marketing services will help your campaigns to reach out to the maximum audiences and ensure you get maximum return on your marketing investments.

Here are the glimpses of our services offered:

01 Website Creation

Create Dynamic Website

Website is the heart and soul of any brand, rather it should be considered as the most important resource of your company when it comes to Digital Marketing and your presence of the virtual world of internet. All your internet traffic, social media activities, Google ads, search engine optimisation, content creation has to be planned in the context of your website. Your website has to be the starting and ending point all your digital marketing activities.

For your existing and potential customers, your website has to act like a reference point to get all kind of information about your products, services, applications, industry etc. Decent and informative website always creates a positive impact on customer to generate interest and to initiate engagements. Incomplete, complicated, non-responsive and monotonous websites will discourage visitors to know more about your products and services.

Digi-Pulp ensures that your website is dynamic, responsive and loaded with prompt content. We help you to make interactive and engaging website with the most appropriate / relevant content and also help to market it in a proper direction. We offer numerous creative themes to choose from and easy to maintain, upgrade them whenever is needed.

02 Content Creation

Content Creation

They say, Content is a King in Digital Marketing. We say we are King-Maker. We understand that, your business is multi-dimensional and multi-functional. Every product, service and department in your organisation has its own background and there is a lot to talk about the same. You need a fresh content to share all kind of relevant information with your audience to engage them with your products and services.

Relevant content helps you to explain about your products and services in detailed manner, this is relevant for any kind of product and service category. It also creates a trust around such brands which helps their customers to make their decisions easier.

Creating a relevant content, sharing it effectively and ensure that it reaches to your target audience is very important. If any one thing is missing in this process then the entire activity becomes ineffective and may not help to justify your efforts.

Digi-Pulp helps you to make it more effective and accountable and help you to reach your target audience. We also help you to organize proper content marketing campaign that comprises of the planning, drafting sharing channels, using appropriate script etc.

03 SEO

Search Engine Optimization

The world has come closer and became smaller after the internet revolution. We get all kind of information on our fingertips anywhere and anytime. Information sharing and availability of the relevant information is a need of an hour. No need to say, that most of the users prefer or trust the top 3-4 results which appear on the search engine while looking for particular information. Hence it becomes very important for a brand to appear in the top position.

Rome was not built in one day. Similarly, it needs time to improve ranking in search engines. It is a continuous process and needs lot of perseverance to appear on the top of the page. It is a combination of various efforts in digital marketing strategies that includes, improvement in content on back-end and front-end of the website, social media activities, customer engagement on your website, quality content shared on your website and much more.

Digi-Pulp ensures that your company appears in the top results of the front page of the search engine result pages by implement the accurate keywords, white-hat strategies, creating relevant content on pages on the website and you top the search engine page as early as possible.

04 Search Ads

Google paid Ad campaigns

Google is the most visited site across the globe today and no need to say that it is the most preferred search engine. No digital marketing campaign can be planned or executed without Google Ads. It is an integral part of Digital Marketing campaign and it help you to reach to your customers when they are looking for a solution, in other words when they are searching for your products the most. Sale is nothing but the availability of the best option when there is a requirement. Google for many years has provided that platform to the information seekers and created that trust by providing them the exact information they are looking for.

Google Ads are very effective and helped many brands to improve their reach and conversion rates with their potential customers. It appears easy to see ads on search engine page but it is very challenging to plan and execute effective Google Ads campaign. A lot of efforts go in the back-end to ensure you choose the appropriate keywords, to ascertain proper bid strategy; to improve overall quality score and ensure you get the maximum ROI.

Digi-Pulp ensure that your Google paid campaigns are effective you to create the most effective paid campaigns on Google with the optimise utilisation of your budget.

05 Social Media

Social Media Management

There is no corner in the world today, which has not been touched by Internet and Social Media. Since last 4 -5 years, social media users have been increased rapidly and it will keep on growing in future as well. Social Media has become a very important marketing tool to engage with customers in an informal way.

Today, smart phones have empowered the customers to access internet and social media wherever and whenever they want. Hence, no one should underestimate the ability of Social Media when it comes to connect with customers on day to day basis. Social Media also help brand to get as creative as possible and it offers infinite potential to communicate with your customers.

Digi-Pulp recognises the potential of all Social Media Channels and will help you to create most effective campaigns on this platform. We understand the strength, reach, potential and also the limitations of each social media network and we believe in the better synergy between the brand and the relevant social media channel to achieve the desired goals. Social Media is also a very suitable medium to publish and share your content to boost your overall engagement with your existing and potential customers.

06 Analytics

Review & Analysis

Proper planning and effective execution is very important for any digital marketing campaign. However, reviewing the results and analysing the outcomes are also equally important in digital marketing. It is a very breakthrough in the campaign that determines the entire course of the strategies.

Digital Marketing is the only marketing mix that allows you to accumulate proper feedback from your target group and helps you to evaluate the results of the campaign. You can check the effectiveness of the campaign as soon as you launched it and that’s the beauty of digital marketing. It helps you to fetch the overall reach, clicks and conversions and also provides you the overview of the users visited to your website. This information helps you to adapt or modify your campaign strategy to optimise your spends and generate higher ROI.

Digi-Pulp always takes an extra effort to carry out an in-depth analysis and review all strategies of the campaigns and recommend the next course of action.